The food industry, seducer with comfort and junk food


What do you long for when you are stressed or down. We all know this feeling when we long for comfort food. Comfort or junk food consists of things that temporarily increase our dopamine and endorphin levels, making us feel better for a while, but are not good for us.

The worst are sugar and fast carbohydrates combined with the wrong fats and exorphins. They are anti nutrients or morphine-like substances such as gluten, wheat, rye and barley, lactose, dairy, soy and sugar. They can be found in, for example, soft drinks, cookies, pastries, candy, fries, ice cream, mashed potatoes and chocolate but in fact in find all processed food. Junk food goes one step further with an even lower nutritional value and a lot of saturated fats, a lot of salt and flavor enhancers.

Because of the fact that the spike in endorphins and dopamine diminishes just as quickly as it came on, the craving for more and more is almost unstoppable. Especially if this (eating) behavior has been learned in pre-adolescence, the brain has become accustomed to adapting to this rapid increase and decrease.

Why would sugar and bread be unhealthy if everyone eats it?

And if E621 was so harmful, why does the health inspector allow it?

If your parents who suffer from overweight, stress or depression, you unfortunately have a higher chance of a hereditary weaker reward system. Even if your mother consumed a lot of comfort food, medicines or alcohol during pregnancy, this will affect you as an unborn child. Were you born with the help of the opiate oxytocin to induce labor or did you have to do without the (much) needed attention and love as a child, then your reward system will be extremely out of balance, you have a exhausted reward system.

The food industry, a temptress of comfort food

The food industry takes advantage of the fact that comfort and junk foods are a temptation that few people can resist. They process foods so that the maximum pleasure point is reached. A combination of chemistry and marketing elements creates a disruptive effect, causing exhaustion of the reward system.

The government should oblige the food industry to produce better food and better inform consumers about what certain foods do to you.

Victim versus love and attention

A total recovery of the reward system can only take place by a total reset and reduction of the factors that cause overstimulation.

This means that changing the diet is an important part of it. Of course, the brain will initially protest and the familiar victim voice will be heard.

You ask yourself: ‘Why should sugar and bread be unhealthy if everyone eats it? And if E621 was so harmful, why does the health inspector allow it?’


Research shows that our brain has weaned off comfort foods and junk food after an average of six months. Our genes are not at all made for a continuous bombardment of stimulants. They benefit from an environment that is nourishing rather than exhausting.

It means more exercise and to spend time in nature. Silence through meditation, feeding the heart energy with love and attention.

If you need help to break away from unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, you can seek help and contact an orthomolecular therapist.

Nutriswitch test your basic biochemistry through an EMB blood test or a Vitalfeld bodyscan and conclude where the big wins for your personal health are, as a starting point.

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