Suzanne van Dijk | Orthomolecular Therapist

CAT register therapist, therapist nummer: CM3432-18-02-2


EMB Blood test, Bioresonance therapy/Vitalfeld technology through a Bodyscan, vitamin B12 deficiency, treating burnout, neurotransmitters (happiness hormones), treating Long-Covid symptoms, intestinal problems (leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal flora, microbiome), thyroid problems, Epstein Barr Virus (Mono), insulin resistance, Lyme disease, CVS (Chronic fatigue), ADD/ADHD, (ECD) Energetic Animal Testing.


The interest in orthomolecular therapy started for me when I needed help from an orthomolecular therapist many years ago.  I had many health issues and during these consultations it turned out I was very sensitive to some nutrients and I had a decent vitamin and mineral deficiency due to my lifestyle. After a few years, I discovered through the same practitioner that I had Lyme’s disease. I was put on a Lyme protocol and I started doing some research on Lyme myself. With an adjusted diet and various herbal remedies and supplements, I recovered. By changing my diet, I also lost quite a few kilos. Not a diet, just a healthy adjustment to my lifefstyle. Now, a few years on, most of my health problems have disappeared and I feel better than ever.

Through research my knowledge grew and I became an expert by experience, so I decided to educate myself in orthomolecular therapy to also be able to help other people with their health issues.

In September 2021 I also started studying Applied Stressology. In other words I help people to recover fast of a burn out. The focus of this study lies on burn-outs in which the neurotransmitters (happy hormones) play a major role. As a stressologist I ensure that with the right concentrated nutrients these happy hormones can be recovered significantly within a short period of time. Burnout is often a physical problem and not psychological as many people claim.

Your body is so valuable, which is why you have to take care of it, both on the inside and out. The best way to do that yourself is by learning to live a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, sufficient exercise, regular relaxation, and a positive mindset. Not everything can be prevented in life, but you can largely control and improve your own health.

Medical Education

  • MBK Medical Basic Knowledge – CPION / SHO registered (Arsmedica) 2018
  • Orthomolecular Therapist Basics 2018/2019 – Ortho health Foundation Hoofddorp
  • Orthomolecular Therapist Advanced 2019 – Ortho health Foundation Hoofddorp
  • Energetic Morphological Blood Test Training, Edwin Wiersma – Certificate Ortho Health Foundation 2020
  • Energetic Morphological Blood Test Training, recertification training new blood values, Edwin Wiersma EMB Blood Test 2020
  • Energetic Complementary Animal Test  Training, Edwin Wiersma – Certificate Ortho Health Foundation 2020,
  • Study in Applied Stressology, (how to quickly recover form burn-ou) Jurgen Spelbos, Diploma, September 2021
  • Medical Basic Knowledge refresher course in women’s medicine, Irma Janssen, Oct 2021
  • EMB Refresh Education Congress Nov 2021. E Wiersma/A van Oosten
  • Applied Stressology (fast recovery of Burn-Out and neurotransmitters), Diploma, Sept 2021

Seminars & Masterclasses

  • Starting and building a practice 2019 – Ineke Haisma – Ortho health Foundation Hoofddorp
  • 8-week Mindfulness training 2020
  • Webinar Natura Health Foundation 2019: Magnesium and the NMDA receptor 2018
  • Seminar: Springfield Nutraceuticals The key role of Nicotinamide & D-Ribose in mitochondrial function and anti-aging 2020 – International therapist fair Houten
  • Seminar Energetic management, Stef Freriks – 2020 – International therapist fair Houten
  • Webinar: Natura Health Foundation 2020: Which diet gives us the most energy? 2020
  • Webinar: Natura Health Foundation 2020: The Corona Virus – optimal support of the immune system
  • Seminar, Vivian Reijs, March 2020: Restore your hormones
  • Webinar: Natura Health Foundation, March 2020: “Optimal brain metabolism”
  • Webinar: Charlotte Labee, March 2020: Brain Food
  • Webinar: Charlotte Labee, March 2020: Brain, memory
  • Webinar: Charlotte Labee, April 2020: stress & mindset
  • Webinar: Geopathic contamination – Invisible risks and treatment – Loes Lambooij, Sept 2020
  • Podcast: Dr Stephanie Estima & Kate Northrup – Time & Stress Management For Ambitious Women, Sept 2020
  • Podcast: Dr Stephanie Estima & Ari Whitten – How To Regulate Your Energy Levels, August 2020
  • Webinar: Dr Steven Gundry & Lewis Howes – The truth behind Corona Virus and how to stay healthy, Sept 2020
  • Masterclass: David Sinclair, How to extend your lifespan, Sept 2020
  • Masterclass Energetic Medicine, EMB Edwin Wiersma, Feb 2021
  • Masterclass Supplements, EMB Edwin Wiersma, Feb 2021
  • Masterclass All About Prebiotics: Food for your gut, Natura Foundation, Feb 2022

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