Orthomolecular Therapy:

It can remedy many health problems, reduce medication
or help you lose weight. Are you ready for a switch?

Is your body out of balance?

What is orthomolecular therapy?

Orthomolecular therapy is a remedy to improve physical and mental problems. Do you often feel tired, do you lack energy, are you often bloated, less fit, do you have skin problems, burn-out symptoms, lack of motivation, feelings of anxiety or other vague complaints and you can’t find the answers you need from your GP?

We help you tackle chronic complaints in a natural way where you get stuck with your GP or specialist.

Do you increasingly feel tired? Are you less fit than usual? Do you suffer from unexplained bloating, rashes, irritation or do you have other health issues? In short, these complaints can result in your body being out of balance. As a result of which various factors such as allergies, intolerances, or vitamin and / or mineral deficiencies are expressed. Orthomolecular therapy offers many options and insights to improve your health and cure chronic conditions.

What can the remedy orthomolecular therapy, functional medicine, achieve in concrete terms? A better mood in case of gloominess, calmer intestines, no more bloating. More energy throughout the day. Improved sleep as easier falling asleep and sleeping through the night. Healthier skin, shinier hair and stronger nails. More insight into your personal health.

What you eat determines how you feel

A healthy diet is essential for a healthy life. Not only is the quality of life, so how you feel an important factor, but diet and lifestyle are also a great indicator. Rapidly growing scientific research shows, among other things, that poor nutrition actually contributes to the development of cardio-vascular disease, age-related diabetes and certain cancers.

We are convinced that the self-healing capacity of our bodies is very powerful; you just need to know how.

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Explanatory video about orthomolecular therapy

Is orthomolecular therapy right for me?

And what’s good for you now?

Your body is something very valuable that you were given at birth, and carry with you for the rest of your life. That is why you need to take good care of it. The most effective way to do this is by learning to live a healthy life through orthomolecular therapy from a holistic point of view:

Good nutrition
Sufficient exercise
Regular relaxation
A positive mindset
Limiting stress
Avoid use of addictive substances

Orthomolecular nutrition and lifestyle advice

If one fails to pay attention to good and more optimal nutrition and lifestyle it will lead to shortfalls and inconveniences or chronic conditions.

At some point shortages and inconveniences will arise. You may experience obesitydiabetes, cardiovascular disease or even cancer. Not everything can be prevented in life, some things are genetically determined, but you can largely take charge of your own health. When you apply the orthomolecular based principles in your basic nutrition you will benefit greatly.

NutriSwitch gives you advice on the right diet and lifestyle. Our orthomolecular therapy advice is easy to apply in your daily life, but it does require a switch in thinking. A lot of the advice based on orthomolecular therapy goes against what we have learned in our formative years at school, from our parents and grandparents, but especially from the food industry.

We can explain the orthomolecular nutrition and lifestyle principles. We teach you how to apply these principles so that this will also become your new lifestyle.

Would you like to know how your health is doing, so that you can take steps to improve your health preventively? By doing an EMB blood test or a Vitalfeld Bodyscan, imbalances can be found, after which Nutriswitch, practice for orthomolecular therapy, can advise you on the right nutrition and supplementation and help to repair imbalances or nutritional deficiencies.

Read the reviews of Nutriswitch to see what others have experienced.

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What can orthomolecular therapy help me with?

The most common chronic complaints and conditions in which orthomolecular therapy can be applied are;

Strengthening the immune system
A burnout
CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
Insulin resistance
Type 2 diabetes
Stomach issues
Intestinal issues
Chronic digestive issues
Allergies/Nutritional intolerances
Nutritional intolerances
Pain syndromes
Skin disorders
Respiratory disorders
Heart and vascular disease
Autoimmune diseases
Joint issues
Menopausal complaints
Thyroid problems
Support for chronic conditions
Guidance with weight loss and a healthy lifestyle
Digestive problems ie. IBS, food allergies
Hormonal imbalance / women’s health; PMSPCOSEndometriosis, Infertility
Mental health and well-being such as depression, anxiety, fatigue and concentration disorders

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