Supplements are concentrated nutrients

We recommend high-quality supplements from suppliers who do a lot of research over a long period of time. Supplements, or concentrated nutrients, must meet many requirements. For example, they must contain the body’s own bioactive substances, and no synthetic substances or fillers.

Supplements sold in the supermarket or the widely known drugstores generally contain synthetic substances and many fillers. These are often cheaper due to mass production, but often do not work optimally because the body does not recognize the substances.

The supplements we offer are of high quality and work optimally. The following suppliers offer these products.

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Go here to the Zinzino site to order

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For Vitakruid you can use the code NS-2021-SvD, then you get 10% discount.

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At Vitamins24 you also get a discount. The discount code is on a card that you may have received from your therapist. If you have not received a card, ask for it.

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Products for neurotransmitters

Click on the following link and select your stressologist first before you can get started with your order. Inner Vitamins/Stressology

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