EMB Blood Test Package

The pricing for an individual EMB Blood Test package is € 320,00. This total package contains a test kit, an intake consultation with blood sampling (60 minutes), and a follow-up consultation (60 minutes) to explain the test results with nutrition and suppletion advice. After 2-3 months we can plan a follow-up consultation with Bodyscan measurement and treatment for a special price (check prices). You can schedule a blood test on our ‘schedule an appointment‘ page. For a breakdown of these costs check the pricing page.

How does an EMB work?

An EMB blood test (Energetic Morphological Blood Test) is not invasive and is done with a small finger prick. With a few drops collected in a tube, the research lab can determine many things ie,  a lot, such as your condition, food intolerances, deficiencies and your general physical condition.

With this blood test you get the chance to gain specific insights of possible causes of your health issues. Vague issues, (chronic) fatigue, intestinal problems, skin issues, mental health problems, difficulty losing weight, hormonal problems or just looking at your overall health? Through an Energetic Morphological Blood Test (EMB) we can discover blockages, shortages and disturbances in the body. On the basis of this, we draw up a treatment plan in combination with orthomolecular nutritional advice and you can effectively work on your health.

Valuable insights

An Energetic Morphological Blood Test provides diagnoses that are also examined in regular care. Think of iron deficiency, thyroid abnormalities, autoimmune diseases, anemia and infections. An EMB blood test also explains symptoms that do not surface in the regular care and / or cannot be treated. This gives us a great insight and makes this test super valuable.

What values are measured?

The EMB blood test consists of 3 parts. The basic hematology, the microscopic examination and the energetic part which is done energetically (bioresonance).

The following values are measured and analyzed in an EMB blood test:

Basic Hematology

Platelets (platelet count) / Red blood cells (erythrocytes) / White blood cells (leukocytes) / Lymphocytes / Hemoglobin (Hb, iron) / Hematocrit (Ht) / Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) / Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC)Platelets (platelet count)

Microscopic examination

Acanthocytosis (liver) / Aggregation (clumping) / Anisocytosis (vitamin deficiencies/disbalance/stress) / Clouds (inflammation) / Echinocytosis (acidification) / Yeast forming/fungi / Hemolysis (vitamin E deficiency/free radical damage) / Macrocytosis (vitamin b12/folic acid deficiency) / Membrane suppleness (poor fatty acid ratio) / Microctyosis (anemia/iron) / Parasites / Poikilocytosis (total imbalance) / Rouleaux formation (gut/acidification/ion problem) / Spicules (liver burden) / Spirochetes / Insufficient Cytoplasmic activity (immune system) / Free radical damage

Energetic parameters

Possible imbalances to be found

Leaky Gut
Microbiome imbalance
Insuline Resistance (precurser Diabetes Type II)
Food intolerances / allergens
Digestion problems
EPI (Exocrin Pancreas Insufficiency)
Hormonal imbalances
Oxidative stress
Burn-out (neurotransmitters, stress hormones)
B12 Deficiency / status
Vitamin deficiencies
Mineral deficiencies
Borrelia/spirochete infection
Vaccination damage
Low grade inflammation
Thyroid problems
Auto-immune indicators
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