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The term orthomolecular comes from the Greek words: “orthos” meaning  “correct” or “healthy” and “molecular” referring to the molecules in the body. An orthomolecular therapist works with nutrients (molecules) that your body needs to function properly and to process it properly without causing damage. The latter is often the case with medicines in the form of side effects. Each body has its own specific needs. The advice of the orthomolecular therapist is therefore fully tailored to your physical condition.

We are all, to a greater or lesser extent, malnourished

The “fuel” we get our energy from often consists of lean food. Often we also don’t know what to choose from the huge choices available to use at the supermarket often focusing on sweet and salty taste sensations. These foods are  easy, pre-cooked and fast, but is this ‘food’ capable of providing us with the necessary nutrients in addition to fuel? The combination of depleted agricultural land and added pesticides is destructive in addition to processing in factories. So we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, malnourished. Not quantitatively, but qualitatively.

Supplementing deficiencies

Research shows that even small deficiencies of specific nutrients can play a role in the development of a wide variety of health issues, such as fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, reduced resistance, inflammation, etc. These complaints are the result of the disrupted mechanisms of action of the body. These are interrelated, so a disturbance in one mechanism can cause an imbalance in other functions.

A common statement is: “you are what you eat

An Orthomolecular therapist goes one step further by stating “you are what you absorb”

An Orthomolecular therapist goes one step further by stating “you are what you absorb”


The microbiome

Almost all problems start in the intestines, the microbiome. Due to a leaky permeable intestinal wall (leaky gut), nutrients are not properly absorbed and toxins enter the body. One of the therapist’s first actions will be to find out to what extent the intestinal wall has been damaged and will then start with an intestinal protocol. Healing the bowels will be your first step to “turning on” the body’s self-healing ability. Often you will soon notice a strong reduction in the symptoms at this stage, since the anti-nutrients are also immediately removed from the diet. The more adherence you have to this, the greater your result will be. So you have control over this result, we give you the tools and then it’s you. The first period is decisive, the brain and cells need time to store the new information, so that it can control the rest of the body.

The orthomolecular therapy then replenishes the deficiencies that have arisen. Organic and freshly prepared food is a first step in getting the body to function properly again. A strict diet is not necessary. In addition, deficiencies of certain nutrients are supplemented with vitamins, minerals and enzyme preparations for strengthening the immune system.

The more you stick to the protocol, the greater your result will be.

You do have control over this result. We will guide you and give you the tools and then it’s up to you.

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