Finally someone who really listens

After years of fruitless doctor visits and quite a number of vague complaints I ended up with Suzanne.

What a relief. Finally someone who really listens and asks questions that you think “why hasn’t any doctor ever asked me that?” Also the feeling of finally being taken seriously.

First, an extensive questionnaire was sent by email. Then I had a 1-1 conversation in which blood was also drawn. After this, based on the questionnaire and the conversation, I already received a preliminary advice on nutrition, exercise and supplements.

A few weeks later, the results of the blood test came and were discussed. I thought it was interesting that the preliminary advice only needed a little adjustment. Suzanne knows a lot and takes the time to answer all questions. She has a passion for her profession, and it shows. She also follows you up, if you want, and gives extra advice.

I’ve been busy for over a month now and I definitely notice a difference. Suzanne helped me a lot, and I would actually like to go for a kind of maintenance contract, a bit like a car. Check the balance in your body now and then, just like you go to the dentist every six months.

~ Maureen Crijns

From exhausted to feeling great

I was lethargic in the last couple of months and had little energy. But after a consultation at NutriSwitch in The Hague I feel great again. Diane, thank you for all the lifestyle, nutrition and supplement advice. I can recommend to anyone who has unexplained health complaints to book an appointment with NutriSwitch

~ Robert vn

The results were detailed, comprehensive and very valuable

My husband and I visited Diane to address some health issues we didn’t seem to be able to get rid of. Even before the bloodtest results came back, Diane was able to give us valuable advice that really transformed our health within a matter of days. Diane explained everything in detail and made sure we understood the instructions. The results of the bloodtest were detailed, extensive and very valuable. We got insights on our bodies that we would rarely get from a standard blood test from the GP. Overall, highly recommended.

~ Anna Maria Earle Brezetou

Positive and great!

My experience was positive, nice conversation, good explanation about deficiencies and also quite a bit of advice and menus to start with!

~ Sundays rooster de Fred

Definitely benefited

You will be well informed about the procedure in a pleasant, open environment. You will receive clear explanations and advice. I have certainly benefited from living a healthier life naturally.

~ JFAK1968

The right nutritional supplements and adjustment of my diet

Despite a healthy lifestyle (healthy nutrition, regular exercise) I had a long list of complaints. In the mainstream health care I didn’t get any further. Too much stress was the reaction of various specialists, and they advised to take it easy. After the umpteenth inflammation in my foot and stomach problems, I decided to do an EMB test. I had already studied NutriSwitch’s working method beforehand, but I was also extensively informed by Diane during the intake.

The results came after two weeks. During the second meeting, the results were discussed along with the advice.
The result was very confronting for me, but Diane took plenty of time to discuss everything. I can now move forward with specific advice. I can now continue with the right nutritional supplements and adjustment of my diet and that feels so good. Thank you Diane!

~ Ingrid

A world opened up for me

Very special how the penny dropped after I got the results of the test. It also shows very well how I live, confronting ???? on some points. The clear explanation, and the good advice, which I could immediately start with, have given me a good direction. It does require me to seriously deepen my knowledge and sometimes do some Google work. It’s a lot of information. Fortunately, I can always easily contact them and ask all my questions by e-mail.

If you wonder a lot of things about you health, I recommend doing this test. It will give you great insights. NutriSwitch gives you a different view on nutrition and the use of supplements based on each individual. Me in this case.

Recommended! Just do it, a new world opened up to me.

Thank you & good luck!

~ Georgette Blancke

It helped me understand why I felt tired

I had the blood test done and it gave me great insights into my nutrition and helped me understand why I was feeling tired etc. Would recommend it if you’re looking for deeper insights between your body and your diet. I’m planning to go back after a few months to see how things have changed. Thank you, Suzanne!

~ Amber Fisher

Baseline measurement and nutritional advice

I was very curious to find out if my body had any deficiencies or food intolerances. For this I engaged Suzanne from NutriSwitch for a baseline measurement by means of an EMB blood test. A pinprick in the finger and a few drops of blood were enough. Two weeks later, the results were extensively discussed and surprising food intolerances came to light. The matching nutritional advice was a hit. I was well informed and immediately made a plan to change course … and with results. After 2 months I had already lost more than 8 kg and I feel great: no more burping, no longer bloated and little to no need to snack. Purely by eating differently … making better choices and opting for mostly unprocessed products. In a few months we will look at what impact the three supplements have had on my body. Based on the first consultation, I can wholeheartedly recommend NutriSwitch.

~ Rene van Dijk

A very positive experience that helped me more

After being dragged into this by my kicking and screaming wife, I found that this experience has had a profound impact on my health and how I feel day-to-day. The initial intake was professional, friendly and already shared insight that helped me with my health challenges. Low on energy and unable to lose weight, I thought I was just being lazy, but after seeing the results and understanding more about what my body does and doesn’t do well I have been able to lose weight, feel better, get more sleep and above all better sleep. All round a very positive experience that has helped me more than I had imagined and I would advise anyone who is interested in understanding their own body en overal health in order to lead a healthy and happy life to go here and see for yourself.

~ Charles Earle

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