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Nutriswitch Orthomolecular Therapy started when we, Diane and Suzanne decided to combine our forces due to a shared love of nature, food and health. In addition to general medical education, we have studied orthomolecular medicine. We wish to share this knowledge with you and the rest of the world. We look for root causes of health issues and are only satisfied when these issues stop occurring.

We help you tackle chronic complaints in a natural way where you get stuck with your GP or specialist.

Holistic therapy

The therapy does not only focus on the disease or ailment, but on the body as a whole. Body and mind are inextricably connected. Our aim is to detect and treat the root cause of health issues, diseases, hormonal and/or emotional imbalances. This therapy may include dietary advice, lifestyle advice, an EMB blood testing (energetic morphological blood test) and, where necessary, supplements (such as minerals, specific vitamin preparations, enzymes or amino acids) and phytotherapy.

In some cases additional testing may be required in the form of a specific blood or stool test, or referral to physicians/therapists to achieve the desired result.

bio identieke hormonen

Guidance and inspiration

We work with an appropriate strategy to help improve your overall health. We want to help you with your health issues by helping you achieve your goals. We believe it is important that you are aware of the choices you have for choosing a healthy lifestyle and that these choices are easy and fun to apply. Let us guide and inspire you to live a healthier life, so that you will feel more energetic, fitter and beautiful.

Tackling health issues requires a change in your diet and lifestyle. Our advice is based on orthomolecular therapy. Many disorders are positively influenced or completely balanced by this therapy.

Proven base

Orthomolecular therapy is based on broad research of natural nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, proteins, enzymes and herbal supplements with a proven healing effect.

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