NutriSwitch’s orthomolecular treatment

Intake consultation

An intake consultation starts with charting your health. A detailed questionnaire and a blood test (not invasive with a small finger prick) to determine relevant values in your body, such as your condition, food intolerances, deficiencies and your overall health. In addition to nutrition, we also look at mental, emotional, social and genetic aspects.

Treatment plan based on a blood test

The results of the blood test will be available in about 3 weeks, after which a follow-up appointment with be scheduled.. During the follow-up consultation, we will discuss the results of the blood test and a treatment plan. You will then receive guidance and advice, on lifestyle and nutrition possibly supplements based on the identified deficiencies. Our advice is based on orthomolecular treatment protocols, but because every person is unique, there will always be a customised treatment plan.

No quick fix

Generally, it takes three months to achieve results. Several conversations take place during that period. Depending on the situation, patients return either weekly, fortnightly or once a month in those three months, to discuss and anticipate the results achieved.

The aim of the treatment is to stimulate the patient’s self-healing ability, which can be used to repair or prevent health problems.

Becoming consciously healthy

Our method is not based on a diet, but on “a way of life”. This does not mean that you are not restricted, or on a diet, but that you consciously make choices about what you eat. This makes the treatment not a short-term solution, but a sustainable improvement in health.

Please bring to the initial consultation

During the intake, please bring any  supplements, vitamins and medicines that you already use. We ask that you also include the packaging and package inserts of the products. Even if you think that certain products are not important, this use can affect the treatment.

To schedule an intake or for a follow-up consultation, you can schedule an appointment yourself via the online agenda of the practice.

Am I at the right place?

Are you curious if we can help you with your complaints, please contact us via the contact form with your question. We can then estimate whether you are a right fit. We will respond as soon as possible. It is possible that for certain complaints or symptoms we first refer to the doctor in case of suspicion of an acute medical problem. In most cases, however, chronic complaints can be treated within complementary orthomolecular health science.

To schedule an intake or for a follow-up consultation, you can schedule an appointment via the online agenda of the practice.

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