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Stress and weight-gain relate

The relation between excess weight and being stressed.

Losing weight is often successful, but how can you keep the weight off is a subject that concerns many of us.

Which role does stress play?

The shortest route to obesity is chronic stress that has no purpose of it’s own. Often in combination with increased intestinal permeability and constant cravings for sweets.

Overweight develops often slowly over a period of several years.

The brain now strives to secure the energy supply through increase of energy intake. Due to the activations of the immune system and the lack of energy supply to the other systems, organs muscle and connective tissue, important metabolic systems are inhibited for a long time and become weakened. What has now arisen is the metabolic syndrome or diabetes mellitus 2.  

So what should we
actually start doing?

Manage our stress!!!

Wat should we actually start doing as human beings?

The energy we need to move and exercise, to be motivated and to cope with our daily life is redirected by the organs to the immune system. Because a failing immune system can have deadly consequences, the provision of energy towards the immune system always takes precedence above all other body systems.

At the same time cuts in energy are made in the body and an attempt is made to store more energy in the form of muscle fat and adipose tissue. Centrally in the brain especially the brain part where the emotions reside, the blood flow is stronger so that people develop fear and restlessness. These factors can influence people in such a way that they start to exercise less and eat more. in our society of abundance this is a bad recepy. Due to this system change that becomes very active, our free will is now dominated by the immune system and its energy needs. The new stressors activate our immune system, thereby lowering our basic consumption in the long term and increasing the risk of weight gain.

How we can change all of this for the better will follow in the next article about this topic. Contact Nutriswitch to find out more about your own metabolic health. An EMB blood test or a Vitalfeld bodyscan are our measuring methods and will be the first step to improve your health.

Source: Word weer mens, Leo Pruimboom

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