It’s all about energy

Most of us are not into it at all. They just always have enough energy to do everyday things. For sports, for cycling to work, for working all day and even for sleeping. Yes, you need a lot of energy in order to sleep! You only realize that you miss it when you can no longer do those things. Health and feeling comfortable is all about your body’s ability to produce energy. It’s all about energy.

As a child, when I did not continue or finish a walk, I was often told that children with their young legs should not be tired. It just couldn’t be.

You are young, so you have a lot of energy. You are just lazy. 

That is the general thought.

Yet nowadays many children are always tired and that is not laziness, but the fatigue is a sign that something is not going well in the energy production of the body. And that is not something you imagine yourself.

However, it is not easy to discover why and where things do not go well in that energy production. Producing energy is a very complicated biochemical process, with so many biochemical steps that it seems almost impossible to find causes of fatigue.

And that is exactly the reality for many people. They do not receive a hearing from the doctor, because he or she has no idea where to start searching. The average doctor has a standard list of test options and if nothing seems out of the ordinary, you will be sent home with the message that everything is fine.

And that’s where the shoe pinches. To identify the cause of fatigue, you need to know where to look.

After all, health is “all about energy”.

Source: Yvonne van Stigt, master in clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology

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