The lesser known benefits of probiotics

Using good bacteria to restore your gut flora is something many people already know and do. Good probiotics are necessary because the body’s own good intestinal bacteria are not very resistant to a Western lifestyle. The frequent use of, for example, antibiotics, coffee, alcohol, sugar, certain E numbers and preservatives reduces the chance of survival of our gut bacteria.

How to supplement good gut bacteria?

For this reason, many people take probiotics to increase the population of the benign gut bacteria. This can be done by taking supplements, but also by eating fermented foods. You can think of fermented vegetables, such as sauerkraut and kimchi. Using both the supplements and the foods gives the best results, but with only supplements one can go a long way. It is important that the supplements are of high quality and meet a number of conditions. 

Conditions for supplements

First of all, the product must be formulated in such a way that the bacterial strains in the product can survive the stomach acid. One of the main functions of stomach acid is that it kills bacteria that we ingest. this also applies to good intestinal bacteria that you take with probiotics. There are a number of strains of bacteria we can take as a supplement that are resistant to stomach acid. It is easier to take probiotics in gastric acid resistant capsules, which only open when they arrive in the intestine. If a supplement has a wide variety of bacteria strains and the right capsule to protect them, then you have a good product.

Variety of bacteria strains

With good probiotics you add a good amount of viable bacteria to the strains that still live in the intestine. Different types of strains of bacteria have different properties. For example, there are strains that help with the digestion of certain substances, others help in the defense against pathogenic bacteria and viruses and still others restore the intestinal wall. It is therefore important that a probiotic consists of several strains.

Benefits of probiotics

The use of probiotics will contribute to a good digestion, the repair of the intestinal wall and the improvement of the immune system. Improving the immune system is a task of gut bacteria that goes beyond many people realize. Medical evidence is currently beginning to show that good gut bacteria may contribute to resistance to conditions such as the flu, sinusitis, asthma, lung infections and COPD. This shows that taking probiotics with different strains can have a much broader effect than just improving bowel function.

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