The beneficial effect of Bone Broth

An age-old recipe

Bone broth has been a medicine for many centuries. Animal carcasses contain not only minerals, but also chondroitin, gelatin and glucosamine. Good for our joints, but more importantly good for the intestinal wall. Glucosamine is an essential sugar that ensures the formation of a healthy mucus layer. Bone broth is naturally made from the bones of grass-fed cows, because it contains more omega-3 fatty acid and other healthy substances. Bone broth is ideally suited to a Paleo lifestyle/diet.

Broth is not made from meat or chicken, but from the bones. In any culture, broth is made. As a child I got broth every day for the hot meal and chicken soup when you were sick. When we used to drive at night as students with trucks to Paris and arrived at 5 o’clock in the morning at the ‘Hallen’, the large food market in Paris, the bouillabaisse was already ready. Everyone who worked in the market and the drivers took a bowl. And so do we, the best soup you could get! Made from fresh fish heads, bones and vegetables.

Which bones

There is lamb shank, oxtail, chicken carcasses, game such as duck or pheasant that you can make soup from, but also from a fish carcass. It’s economical to use the bones of animals, you don’t have to eat meat, but you really need those bones. It doesn’t cost much and broth can be on everyone’s menu. The bones need to steep for an average of 7 to 8 hours on a very low heat. You can make a large pan on the weekend and freeze cups. You can add some seaweed and shiitake to the broth one day, turmeric and coconut oil or ginger and garlic the next. By adding different vegetables and herbs, you vary to keep the taste varied and extra fresh ingredients provide extra nutrients.

Weight loss

Home-brewed broth fills the stomach and helps with weight loss. The healthy stomach has less than a liter capacity, but when you often eat too much, the stomach volume increases and can even reach a size of two liters. When you want to lose weight, you replace bread and grains with broth, which shrinks the stomach back to a normal size. In addition, you fill the stomach by using two bowls of broth, this releases satiety hormones, so that you feel satisfied. By starting the meal with broth you will be full faster. Broth and a salad provide as much satiety as a whole meal, while after eating a plate of pasta, the belly often swells and gives a feeling of being too full. With stock you will feel hungry again, but that is not a problem, you can take another bowl of stock in between.

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