Pricing and health care reimbursement

Depending on your health insurance and whether you have additional insurance cover, costs can be partially reimbursed. You can check this in your policy or by contacting your insurance company. See also an overview of reimbursements at Zorgwijzer Complementary Therapies (Dutch).

Nutriswitch works with CAT therapists. The treatments of these CAT therapists are eligible for partial reimbursement from health insurers. see on this page which requirements a CAT therapist must meet. (Dutch)

We offer different packages. After taking a blood test, there may be a need for follow up consultations, so that the advice can be followed under supervision.

the pricing of a blood test is € 125 and a follow-up consultation is € 65. The blood test is not reimbursed by the insurer, the consults may be partly reimbursed depending on the type of insurance you have.


  • A blood test (including Test kit and report) of € 125 with initial consultation € 65, is combined € 190
  • First and Follow-up Consultation (60 minutes) is € 65

A blood test comes with a first consultation and a follow-up consultation. In the follow-up consultation results and nutrition/supplement advice will be discussed.

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