Treating a burn-out with Stressology

What is stressology?

In our practice we treat a burnout with stressology. Stress, burn-out or depression is much more biology than psychology.

With the right nutrients you can reduce stress, become more stress resistant and produce new happiness hormones that can alleviate or even solve a depression! We call this therapy ‘Stressology’.

A new solution to stress, burnout or depression!

Most people think that stress, burn-out and/or depression are mainly psychological problems but that is quite different. We have come to understand that everything revolves around hormones in these problems, stress hormones but also ‘happiness hormones’ (they are actually neurotransmitters, substances with which nerve cells communicate).

Everyone with long-term stress runs shortages of happiness hormones, he found, and that causes many more problems than just stress. Think of fatigue, a lack of self-confidence and decisiveness, loss of libido, no focus, forgetfulness, worrying, stress, agitated feelings, panic complaints, no longer being able to relax, anxiety, sleeping problems, constipation, headaches and depression. All of this is reinforced by the crazy times we are living in now, where we are all weighed down by a kind of collective fear and stress.

The solution to these problems is nutrients. With the right nutrients you can reduce stress, become more stress-resistant and produce new happiness hormones so that complaints will decrease or even disappear completely!

How does stress arise?

Stress occurs as soon as you experience danger. This can be acute, such as a motorist in front of you suddenly braking. Or long-term danger when you worry about whether you can keep all your balls in the air, for example.

Everything revolves around your hormones

With any kind of danger, your body immediately produces stress hormones. These give you the energy to fight or flee. That is the essence of stress, it is an instinctive reaction to danger. It is less a problem between your ears as most people think, everything revolves around hormones, it is much more biology than psychology.

Crashing of systems

The energy to fight or flee doesn’t come out of nowhere. Stress hormones flatten other systems, so to speak, to gather energy, such as your digestion, immune system and important parts of your brain. People with long-term stress therefore often have bowel problems, get sick faster and can no longer think clearly, something that can lead to burnout.

The solution

The good news is that a lot can be done about this, especially with nutrients. You can use nutrients to reduce stress and become more stress-resistant, and you can use other nutrients to create new happiness hormones that make you feel much better.

Are you experiencing a burn-out and looking for help?

Then book a consultation on our appointments page. You can book a separate consultation, but also a consultation with EMB blood test. We can then also see if you are deficient in substances and if there are other imbalances in your system.


You will be asked to fill out an intake form. You will also be asked to fill out a Braverman hormone test (with number). This test gives insights into your neurotransmitters which are often depleted in a burnout.

Am I at the right place?

If you are not sure and still have some questions, please contact us via the contact form with your question. You can also use the Chat function on our site. Together we can see if you are in the right place. We will try to respond as soon as possible.

It is possible that with certain complaints or symptoms we first refer to the doctor in case of suspicion of an acute medical problem. However, in most cases most complaints can be treated within the functional health care.

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