Orthomolecular therapy pricing and health care reimbursements

Depending on your health insurance and whether you have additional insurance cover, costs can be partially reimbursed. You can check this in your policy or by contacting your insurance company. See also an overview of reimbursements at Zorgwijzer Complementary Therapies (Dutch).

NutriSwitch works with CAT therapists. The treatments of these CAT therapists are eligible for partial reimbursement from health insurers. see on this page which requirements a CAT therapist must meet (Dutch).

We offer different packages. After taking a blood test, there may be a need for follow up consultations, so that the advice can be followed under supervision.

Pricing EMB Blood test

The total package is €310,00 (including taxes) and will be charged in two parts.

The pricing of a blood test is € 132,00, an intake consult is €89,00 and a follow-up consultation with advice is €89,00. The blood test cannot be reimbursed from the insurance, but the two consults may be (partly) reimbursed depending on the type of insurance you have.

  • Part 1: A blood test (including Test kit and report) is
    €132,00 (no taxes) an intake consultation is €89 (including taxes) and will be combined € 221,00.
  • Part 2: The results and advice consult (60 minutes) is € 89,00 (including taxes).

A blood test comes with an intake consultation and a follow-up consultation. In the follow-up consultation results and nutrition and suppletion advice will be given.

  • If you wish to follow up with a Bodyscan after 4-8 weeks it is possible for a special price of €79,00 per bodyscan (incl. taxes)

Pricing Bodyscan

The pricing of a Bodyscan is:

  • For an intake with measurement, treatment and report with results €99,00 (incl taxes)
  • For a repeat measurement and treatment €79,00 (incl taxes)
  • For accuracy we advise to do a minimum of three bodyscan measurements in total.
Vitatec Bodyscan


It is also possible to follow a programme at NutriSwitch. This will be discussed during your last consultation.

NutriSwitch Coaching Programme

  • EMB blood test €310,00 (blood test, intake and follow-up)
  • 3 coaching sessions at €79 per session (measurement and treatment with the body scan, progress discussion and coaching & advice).

Which health insurers reimburse orthomolecular therapy?

For the exact reimbursements, always consult the policy conditions of the insurer.

Orthomoleculair Consult 24000
Natuurgeneeskundig Consult 24005
Bioresonance Therapy 24011
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