Orthomolecular therapy can remedy many health problems, as well as reducing medication use or as an aid to lose weight. Are you ready for a switch?

Together we will look for a solution for your health issues. Together we work from a body in imbalance to a body in balance. Firstly with a lifestyle advice, secondly a dietary advice and finally supplemented with supplements based on any nutrient deficiencies found.

In order to be able to help you too, we have opened our practice in the heart of The Hague since 2020. Orthomolecular therapist Diane Blancke and orthomolecular therapist Suzanne van Dijk decided to join forces and start an orthomolecular nutrition practice. Both ladies have successfully graduated in orthomolecular medicine and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you.

On your way to a healthier you

A healthy diet – orthomolecular nutrition – is essential for a healthy life. Orthomolecular therapy can be used for:

  • strengthening the immune system,
  • stomach and intestinal complaints,
  • support for chronic conditions,
  • mental and mental well-being such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, concentration disorders
  • help with weight loss
  • and much more.

View a list of the most common complaints and conditions. An interesting article is also that eating less often is really better.

What you eat determines how you feel.

A common statement is: you are what you eat

An Orthomolecular therapist goes one step further by stating “you are what you absorb”

Holistic therapy The Hague

Orthomolecular treatment focuses not only on the issues but on the body as a whole. After all, body and mind are inextricably linked. The aim is to detect and treat the backgrounds of complaints, diseases, hormonal and / or emotional imbalances. The therapy may include dietary advice, lifestyle advice, an energetic morphological blood test and where necessary nutrient supplements (such as mineral complexes, specific vitamin preparations, enzymes or amino acids) and phytotherapy.

Guidance and inspiration

Orthomolecular therapists Diane Blancke and Suzanne van Dijk think about an appropriate strategy to work on improving your overall health. You are well helped and guided to achieve your goals. It is important that you are aware of the choice you have to choose a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the options for matching healthy food are made more fun and easier. Let NutriSwitch guide and inspire you to live a healthier life, so that you will feel more energetic, fitter and more beautiful.

Intake consultation

The aim of the orthomolecular treatment is to stimulate the patient’s self-healing capacity. After all, with this self-healing ability, health complaints are combated or prevented. An intake consultation starts with charting your health. A detailed questionnaire and a blood test determine the baseline measurement of your body. For example your condition, food intolerances, shortages and your overall health. With a blood test, the orthomolecular therapist can detect blockages, deficiencies and disturbances in the body. In addition to nutrition, we also look at mental, emotional, social and genetic aspects.

Orthomolecular treatment protocols

The blood test results serve as a guide for drawing up a treatment plan. You will then receive advice, such as lifestyle and nutrition advice, intervention advice and possibly supplements based on the identified shortages. NutriSwitch works on the basis of orthomolecular treatment protocols, but because every person is unique, there is always a great deal of customization involved. Read more about orthomolecular treatment.

Becoming consciously healthy is a sustainable health improvement

The orthomolecular method is not based on a diet, but on a way of life. This does not mean that you are no longer allowed, but that you consciously make choices about what you eat. This makes the treatment not a short-term solution, but a sustainable improvement in health.

What about Orthomolecular Therapy reimbursements?

Depending on your health insurance and whether you have additional insurance cover, costs can be partially reimbursed. You can check this in your policy or by contacting your insurance company. See also an overview of reimbursements at Zorgwijzer Complementary Therapies (Dutch)What does an orthomolecular consultation actually cost?

Practice NutriSwitch Orthomolecular Therapy The Hague

You can book an Orthomolecular therapy appointment via the online agenda. The practice is open on Fridays. If a Friday is not possible for you, we can try to see if we can schedule your consultation or intake in the evening or on a Saturday.

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