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We now perform energetic test on animals. Are you curious to know how your dog’s or cat’s health is doing? Are you feeding it with the right nutrition, does you animal have deficiencies? An ECD (Energetic Complementary Animal) test is new on the market and from 10 May 2021 samples can be submitted for testing.

Have your dog or cat tested to see if there are any imbalances, or maybe your animal is not getting the right vitamins or minerals and you may need to adjust their diet. Energetic medication (homeopathic) works quite fast with animals, so you will see improvements fast.

For the ECD test we will take a sample of your dogs/cat’s saliva. This saliva sample is sent to the lab and it is tested in a bio resonance device (energetic). It is examined where there are any imbalances (for example due to trauma), intolerances and / or deficiencies in the animal’s system.

These imbalances can cause all kinds of complaints, such as:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Itching or pain
  • Digestive complaints, vomiting
  • Allergies
  • Joint issues /stiffness
  • Chronic issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, or asthma
  • Age-related issue
  • Hormonal issues
  • Trauma
  • Complaints after vaccination
  • Not feeling well / feeling down
  • Poor eating habits / does not want to eat

Animals recover quickly

The test results will come with a treatment advice in which the highest energetic disturbance is tackled first. The treatment may consist of energetic resources tailored to the individual animal, but also of supplemental or nutritional advice. Pricing for this test is  € 149.00 including test, results and advice (2 consults).

Since we are still in a pilot phase with these tests, and the tests are only carried out by Suzanne, we only do this on request and only for cats or dogs at this point. If you are interested in an ECD test for your animal, or if you have any questions, please fill in the contact form or send an email to

Saliva collection


  • This test cannot replace veterinary advice. We request that you first go to the vet in case of serious complaints.
  • The advice & parameters we provide have an energetic and / or holistic approach.
  • The values in this test cannot be compared 1-on-1 with a regular test. For example: For vitamin B12 there may be a normal value, while this ECDtest® indicates a deficiency. ECDTest® only carries out measurements, findings, examinations and treatment advice with the consent of the owner. However, these do not replace diagnostics, nursing and veterinary care
  • Measurements, findings, research and advice following this ECDTest® fall under “nature-oriented medicine”
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