Diane Blancke, Orthomolecular Therapist

Diane Blancke | Orthomolecular Therapist

CAT register therapist, therapist number: CM2915-01-01-20

Diet and a healthy lifestyle have always been important areas of interest of mine. By reading a lot about this and implementing lifestyle changes myself, I noticed that the body is capable of powerful self-recovery. By subsequently delving further into the consequences of incorrect nutrition and poor lifestyle choices over a longer period of time, my conviction grew that the Orthomolecular view and approach encompassed everything that I already immersed myself in.

The starting point for Orthomolecular therapy is always primarily the cause and from there we work on restoring the balance. By checking what is lacking in the base so that the body no longer does what it should do, chronic complaints often arise. Through various interventions you can activate the self-healing ability of the body. The specific knowledge about intermittent life is central to my vision.

In 2017 I started my study as an Orthomolecular therapist, preceded by general medical education. Thorough knowledge about mechanisms of action and the relationship between the various physiological and biochemical processes, an orthomolecular therapist can analyze where the cause of diet and lifestyle-related complaints lies and how to treat the consequences.

It is now my mission to help improve the health and well-being of others with this knowledge.

Medical Education

MBK Medical Basic Knowledge CPION / SHO registered (Arsmedica) 2017
Orthomolecular Nutrition 2017 Natura Foundation
Orthomolecular Health Theory 2019 Natura Foundation
Training Blood tests 2018 Leo Plum Tree Natura Foundation
Orthomolecular therapist according to the Clinical Psycho Neuroimmunology 2019 Natura Foundation
Energetic Morphological Blood Test Course by Edwin Wiersma – Certificate Ortho Health Foundation 2020

Seminars & Masterclasses

New light on Lyme Practice Meeting – 2018 Leo Pruimboon – Certificate Natura Foundation
Energy & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Syndrome Practice meeting by Margo Peinemann – Certificate Natura Foundation 2019
Ortica Health Science Congress 2019, Amersfoort
Peter Voshol (PhD, Physiologist) Chronic disorders, if we start with
Nutrition and Lifestyle, Orthica Health Science symposium
Karin Jansen (Drs, Kindigo therapist) To the core of a complaint with holistic medicine, Orthica Health Science symposium
Marie José Torenvliet (Dietician, (top) athletes) Intermittent fasting, the weapon against insulin resistance, Orthica Health Science symposium
Webinar Magnesium and the NMDA receptor Natura Foundation 2018
Webinar Autism Intestinal Flora and Evolution Natura Foundation 2019
Webinar Mitochondrial dysfunction recognize and tackle Natura Foundation 2020
Webinar Do’s and Dont’s of Vitamin D3 Natura Foundation 2020
Seminar Vivian Reijs Seminar: Restore your hormones 2020
Springfield Nutraceuticals International therapist fair Houten: Seminar The key role of Nicotinamide & D-Ribose in mitochondrial function and anti-aging 2019
Webinar: Natura Health Foundation 2020: The Coronavirus – optimal support of the immune system Webinar september 2020: Webinar Evolutionaire lessen voor onze huidige leefstijl, Natura Foundation

Webinar October 2020; Vitamin D3 & K2 and Corona: latest scientific views and insights, Natura Foundation

Masterclass January 2021: Functional Forum: Integrative & Biological Dentistry with Ky-Lie Tan

Masterclass February 2021 Patrick Feiner Functional Forum – Recode 2.0 Smarter with Alzeheimer’s

Webinar February 2021: Vitamin B12-shortage: causes, symptoms and solutions, Natura Foundation

Masterclass February 2021: Energetic Medicine, EMB Edwin Wiersma

Masterclass February 2021: Supplementation, EMB Edwin Wiersma

Webinar March 2021: Sleeping disorders: causes and recovery, Natura Foundation